Why your customized steam eye masks are not selling well

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The global hot market of steam heated eye mask in 2021
2 2 月, 2021
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Benefits of steam heated eye mask
23 3 月, 2021


Steam eye mask, also known as steam hot compress eye mask, is an item often used in foreign medical, cosmetic, eye care and other industries. The steam eye mask is actually a kind of advanced self-heating temperature control technology, which allows the moisture in the air and metal powder to reach the heating body inside the eye mask, generating subtle and warm steam that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Compared with ordinary eye masks, it can produce steam, so it is called a steam eye mask, which is a new type of eye mask mainly for eye protection. It releases steam evenly through high-grade medical non-woven fabrics, uses steam to generate warmth of about 41 degrees to promote blood microcirculation in the eye, and continuously heats the steam for 15-20 minutes at about 41 degrees to achieve full relief of the eye Fatigue, relax tense eye muscles, eliminate eye fatigue and discomfort, and achieve various effects such as pampering eye skin, protecting eyesight, and helping sleep.

The role and market value of steam eye masks have given birth to many brands to customize their own steam eye masks.

But why not all brands sell well?
We analyze from 3 aspects:

First of all, the key step in customizing steam eye masks is to choose a reliable and trusted supplier.
The quality of the steam eye mask determines whether the product stands out among many eye mask brands.
The quality standards of steam eye masks are not the same for each brand, but why not adopt higher and better standards. The high-quality eye mask itself and the raw materials meet the requirements of the second-class medical products, meet the double steam requirements, more in line with constant temperature, and more in line with long-term heating. There is also a quality guarantee with a validity period of 3 years.
The steam eye mask is a heat-generating product, and its packaging bag is a packaging bag that needs to meet the heat-generating product, and its airtightness must be ensured to ensure that the quality of the product is consistent within 3 years. The more scented blend guarantees that it will not be diluted by the toner in the eye mask within 3 years.
The above determines that high-quality steam eye masks are far superior to many small factories in terms of appearance and quality. It also determines that low prices must not have good quality!

Second, the market positioning and the positioning of its own brand.
Steam eye masks have a wide range of consumer groups. They are not only suitable for office workers, suitable for students, suitable for overuse of eyes, but also suitable for hotel supplies, SPA supplies, and eye protection related supporting products. Therefore, the product is positioned in many aspects, and the direction of sales should also be considered in many aspects. Instead of just staring in one direction.

Finally, it is the development of sales channels.
Steam eye masks are disposable products, with a high usage rate and a high repurchase rate, and consumers can buy them if they want. Therefore, the development of channels is particularly important, from retail stores to online sales, which can cover consumers more intensively and provide the influence of the product’s own brand. Steam eye masks have been in development for 8 years, and it has ushered in an explosive period. Only high-quality brand-focused steam eye masks will survive in the market.
We firmly believe that choosing a good factory is a crucial step.

As the first Chinese factory for steam eye masks that was first and promoted globally, we continue to improve technology and research and development capabilities, and believe that quality is the key to success.
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