Why use a medical grade manufacturer?

Steam heated eye mask production process flow chart
Steam heated eye mask production process flow chart

Why use a medical grade manufacturer?

1. Directions for the use of steam heated eye masks.

Steam heated eye masks are increasingly suitable for daily use. They are also being used by a larger and larger group of people, from students to adults, from women to men, from relaxing the eyes to maintaining the eyes. Steam eye masks are also more and more suitable for people with eye discomfort, such as myopia, eye fatigue, dryness, dark circles, etc.. Another example is the excessive use of computers and cell phones. The above can be seen that the direction of use of steam eye masks and the population determines the production standard of steam eye masks is required to be medical grade, only medical grade factories can ensure that steam eye masks in the use of the eye will not have harm! Therefore, the steam eye mask production factory needs to have the ISO13485 medical production quality system!

2. The regulatory rules of steam heated eye masks by country
Steam eye masks in China are not clearly regulated by market quality control authorities, and are only produced and sold as daily necessities, so a large number of small factories and workshops have emerged in China in recent years, with only the standards and experience of daily necessities production, and only the quality certification related to daily necessities. This standard is much lower than that of cosmetics and medical products.
But steam eye masks in the United States and Europe, the regulatory authorities, on the other hand, eye care-related products are located in the medical grade, which clarifies the market access and regulatory standards, as well as the quality standards of the products to improve. So steam eye masks need to obtain CE, FDA certification. Of course, an ISO 13485 factory is the primary requirement!

3. Raw material procurement standards for steam heated eye masks
Different steam eye mask manufacturers procure different raw material standards, ISO13485 certified factories procure medical grade raw materials, such as medical grade non-woven fabrics, needle punched cotton, dressings, breathable films, etc., all with biocompatibility test reports provided by the supplier, and can provide testing reports for each batch of products! The cost of medical grade is higher than the cost of ordinary grade.
Most of the production factories are only in accordance with the procurement standards of daily necessities in the Chinese market and directly purchase non-woven fabrics, without any similar test reports! No CE, FDA, or even apply the CE, FDA of other factories, and constantly reduce costs, the pursuit of cheap prices, low prices to obtain customers, for consumers brought a lot of safety risks!

4. Production standards of steam heated eye masks
Different factories produce steam heated eye masks with different standards, and the product performance of steam heated eye masks is different:
1). Steam eye mask appearance quality differences are obvious, high standards of non-woven delicate and thick, skin-friendly non-irritating, breathable. While low standard factories use non-woven fabric, visible to the naked eye internally, the non-woven fabric is too thin and does not use medical grade non-woven fabric. The use of
2). Steam eye masks heating time significantly different, high standard steam eye masks heating time of more than 30 minutes, full of steam. Low standard steam eye masks can not reach 30 minutes, many manufacturers can only ensure that the heating time in 15-25 minutes. Steam eye masks vary in thermostatic effect, high standard steam eye masks thermostatic time of more than 20 minutes, low standard production of steam eye masks can only guarantee 5-10 minutes.
Different factories produce steam heated eye masks with different technologies, the quality of steam eye masks will be different.
1). Good factory production technology is after years of technical research and development and continuous innovation to form their own production technology and standards, rather than the general factory just through the production technology of the warm patch is improved, so the length of time in the heat and the use of the product, the amount of water vapor release and the shelf life of the steam eye mask is very different. Steam eye masks produced by high technology standards have a stable heating time and a shelf life of at least 3 years. In contrast, steam eye masks produced by general factories are only guaranteed for 2 years, and the actual use of more than 1 year will be shortened heating time, heat decline and other unstable problems!
2). A good factory, steam eye masks in the 3-year validity period of quality as one, steam eye masks from the unpacking to the end of use, there will not be any quality problems, no powder leakage, there will be no heat packet up packet phenomenon. Nor will there be no heat, or too high temperature phenomenon.

And medical-grade factory testing standards and product certification for product quality to keep a good gate. From the purchase of steam eye mask raw materials to put into production, as well as packaging, sampling, warehousing, logistics and inspection of goods to establish various standards, and the establishment of customer products to leave samples of the system, the quality of each batch of goods traceable.

As the steam heated eye masks continue to sell well, the European and American markets continue to improve the acceptance of steam eye masks, the quality of the products continue to improve in order to continue to improve the brand’s market share. And good quality steam eye masks can not be made by all factories, low-cost factories can not manufacture high-quality steam eye masks.
When choosing steam eye masks as a product one needs to take into account the risks and customer claims that come with the quality of the product and should bring high quality steam eye masks to consumers! Be responsible for consumers and protect your eyes by choosing a medical grade steam eye mask factory.

At present, as the earliest factory in China to implement ISO13485, we have obtained CE, FDA certification earlier, and passed the in-depth factory inspection of many large brands, BSCI factory inspection, 13485 factory inspection, etc. We have cooperated with many famous brands in Europe and America to bring high quality steam eye masks to consumers!

More infos : sales@steameyemask.com Only through personal experience can we compare the different quality of steam heated eye masks from different manufacturers, welcome to request free samples!