A steam eye mask with 100% pure essential oils?

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steam eye mask with 100% pure essential oils

With the gradual opening of the market, more and more factories have joined the steam eye mask industry.
There are also more brands pursuing steam eye masks with 100% pure essential oils as the highlight of promotion and sales. However, based on years of production experience, professional factories that provide customized services for many brands around the world tell you that it is impossible to add 100% pure essential oils.

First, let’s analyze the structure of the steam eye mask. The heating sheet inside the steam eye mask is composed of iron powder, inorganic salt, Activated carbon powder, vermiculite, water, etc. The Activated carbon powder is used to absorb moisture, so that when the steam eye mask is opened and exposed to the air, it starts to generate heat and evaporate the moisture in the Activated carbon powder to form a certain amount of steam. But the toner also absorbs the fragrance, which makes the fragrance lighter. Whether it is adding fragrance or essential oil, it will gradually lighten the fragrance.

Secondly, let’s understand the essence of essential oils. Essential oils are aromatic molecules formed by plants during photosynthesis. They have small molecules, strong volatility, and certain curative effects. Therefore, the extracted essential oils have natural, volatile and fixed unique effects. Essential oils have become the most popular natural flavors in cosmetics and aromatic products.

If it is used in a steam eye mask, after being diluted and sprayed into the eye mask, its volatility and the adsorption of Activated carbon powder will make the flavor of the essential oil gradually fade after half a year.
Although the aluminum foil composite bag with high sealing performance is used, the stability of the fragrance cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is impossible for a steam eye mask with 100% pure essential oils to appear on the market. If so, you should not smell the fragrance when you use it. But, precisely you smell the fragrance again. That means it contains essence.

Essence, synthetic flavour, is a compound type of fragrance, it can imitate the pure natural aromatic odor, add it in skin care products to cover up the odor of raw materials. Artificial essence are inferior and unpleasant, but also high-end and pleasant.

The added amount of essence in cosmetics is very low, generally 0.1-0.3%, and the fragrance is stable and long-lasting. Essential oils are very easy to volatilize and oxidize. When essential oils are exposed to the air, as part of the small molecules volatilize and some chemical components are gradually oxidized, the essential oils will show different levels of odor. It can be said that the fragrance of essential oils is Live.

Therefore, in all kinds of products that require fragrance retention, artificially compounded essence are indispensable. The same also exists in the steam eye mask industry.

Pure essential oil steam eye mask, pure essence steam eye mask, steam eye mask with a certain proportion of essence and essential oil, three kinds of fragrances added for a long time and multiple experiments show that high-quality fragrances are more effective after adding essential oils, not only from the fragrance retention effect , Or from the pungent degree of fragrance detection, this is currently the most reasonable way to add fragrance.
So don’t believe that the steam eye mask with 100% pure essential oils is actually the fragrance of 100% essence.

The blending ratio of essential oils and essence also needs to be tested through continuous experiments and proofing. This is impossible for small factories. Because this requires continuous laboratory experiments and other ingredients to ensure its stability and fragrance retention.

Customized steam eye masks must choose a reliable factory, choose a high-quality factory, do not covet the price is cheap, but the product cannot be sold.

What we can do is to add high-quality essence and high-quality essential oils to ensure that the fragrance is not lost and the efficacy of the essential oils.
Choosing us is to choose high-end and high-quality steam heated eye masks.

As the first Chinese factory for steam eye masks that was first and promoted globally, we continue to improve technology and research and development capabilities, and believe that quality is the key to success.
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