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Founded in 2006, steam eye mask was launched in 2013, and provide customized steam eye mask service for more than 30 brands worldwide.
Our steam eye masks ensure the same quality within 3 years of validity

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Customized production of various steam eye masks

Unlike other eye masks, the Steam Heated Eye Mask is not only designed for sleeping, but mian for a revitalised feeling that can be used to wind down before bed. The masks are individually packaged by foil bag and can be discreetly stored in your handbag or hand luggage while travelling. The eye masks are disposable after one use, with no need to be kept in the fridge or warmed up before use. The Steam Warming Eye Mask also comes in 6 flavor scent to unlock the perfect relaxing aroma as you wind down.

In the Technology age, most of us are guilty of spending long hours staring at a computer or mobile phone screens. We work and travel longer hours and get fewer hours sleep than generations before us. All of these factors can leave our eyes in need of some revitalising. When you work overtime, so too do your eyes and it’s important to help them relax to keep them looking and feeling re-energised. The Steam Warming Eye Mask will be the best companion on your next long commute or before you go to bed.

Broad market prospects, suitable for various consumer groups, students, office workers, travel, insomnia, hotels, eye care, SPA and other groups and industries.
We will provide high-quality customized production and delivery services of steam eye masks to help your sales growth!

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About Us
8 years of experiance

15 steam eye mask production lines

Variety of steam eye masks: integrated ear strap, lanyard ear strap, visual type, cartoon type

Passed SGS13485 certification, has CE.FDA and other certificates, and has passed BSCI review and compound regulations.

Serving many brands around the world, covering various industries such as beauty, eye care, medical, daily necessities, and hotel supplies.

We always ensure that the quality of our products is consistent within the 3-year validity period, which is not available in other factories.

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