What is the difference between steam heated eye mask and ordinary sleep eye mask?

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As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul. Contemporary people are accustomed to fast-paced life. Behaviors such as studying, working, staying up late make the eyes increasingly tired, and everyone’s fatigue is different, and there are different ways to relieve them. Many people will choose steam eye masks to alleviate the various conditions of their eyes! However, many people will say that steam eye masks are the same as ordinary eye masks. Really? What is the difference between steam heated eye mask and ordinary sleep eye mask? Do you understand?

The steam heated eye mask is a kind of advanced self-heating temperature control technology, so that the moisture in the air and the metal powder can form a heating element inside the eye mask, generating subtle and warm water vapor that can not be seen by the naked eye. It is a new type of eye mask that focuses on eye protection. Compared with ordinary eye masks, it emits steam, hence its name. The steam it emits is pure natural non-toxic and harmless, similar to distilled water vapor.

It is mainly used for eye-related care. It can get rid of dark circles, eye bags, white blood redness, promote blood circulation in the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, prevent myopia; help sleep. It can alleviate eye discomfort symptoms such as excessive eye use, dry eyes, sore eyes caused by long-term surfing and studying.

At present, the ordinary sleep eye mask that we use are things that are worn on the eyes to protect or cover the eyes. Now they have become fashionable items and play an important role in eliminating fatigue during life and travel. People use it for shading, eliminating interference, creating an environment suitable for sleep, health care and other functions. Ordinary shading goggles are recommended to be cleaned frequently, because the bacteria formed by the secretions remaining in the goggles will spread and multiply in large numbers, and long-term use can easily cause eye inflammation. The steam heated eye mask is disposable, convenient to carry, and more convenient to use.

The steam heated eye mask is a self-heating product because of its own unique heating principle, which generates steam immediately after heating. It not only has the functions of ordinary eye masks, but also has its own characteristics. For example, to relax the spirit, help sleep, eye care and beauty.

Since the eye mask is used for eye health, the production requirements of the steam eye mask must meet the medical production environmental standards, use medical raw materials, and strictly control the temperature. While ensuring product raw materials and production environmental standards, we must also ensure product quality and constant temperature heating.


Our company is the first factory in China to develop and produce steam heated eye masks. At present, the factory has fully achieved ISO13485 certification, FDA, CE Class lla medical, and BSCI, and has obtained factory inspections and cooperation from major global brands. The quality audit of the 13485 system is carried out every year. Fully meet the requirements of European and American customers’ production, raw materials and product quality.
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