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13 8 月, 2021
What is the difference between steam heated eye mask and ordinary sleep eye mask?
27 10 月, 2021
private lavel steam warming eye mask1

private lavel steam warming eye mask1

As the most professional manufacturer of steam heated eye masks in China and a leading brand service provider, we not only provide a complete one-to-one service from customer service to production to logistics, but also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the brand positioning of each customer, and analyze the customer’s Sales, etc. provide the best advice to provide customers with the competitiveness of their brands in their respective markets.

We provide a complete solution for all types of cuOnly we can provide the best, most comprehensive and most customized steam eye mask eye mask solutions for various customers.

There are MOQ requirements for customized products, but not every customer can withstand MOQ requirements from the beginning, so customized service solutions have emerged.

  1. For customers who have a small quantity demand, but need their own brand, we provide a customized sticker and a personalized solution for the mask, which not only meets the customer’s brand promotion requirements, but also meets the small needs of customers, based on the essence of the product The same, so as to realize the self-consolidation and growth of customer brand products.
  2. For small and medium-sized customers, a MOQ of 10,000 is provided, which enables many customers who want to introduce steam eye masks with the ability to have capital and confidence to introduce this best-selling product. It has been adopted by more than a dozen customers.
  3. Based on the understanding of customers, our MOQ has been reduced from 50,000 to 30,000. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, raw materials and packaging quality, we can reduce financial pressure for customers.
  4. Based on the international logistics cost budget, the MOQ of 50,000 pieces is the best choice. After the customer completes the trial order, after the market has a certain influence on the consumer, this solution can be used to integrate the single piece. The cost will drop even more.
  5. For more plans, please consult our customer service

Regardless of the quantity, we can provide wholesale prices, and we can customize different solutions according to local conditions to provide customers with the best solutions.

As the first Chinese factory for steam eye masks that was first and promoted globally, we continue to improve technology and research and development capabilities, and believe that quality is the key to success.
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