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27 10 月, 2021
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23 5 月, 2022
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In the competition in the traditional eye mask industry, many well-known brands are still launching their own sleep eye masks, such as silk and USB heating eye masks, and some brands have launched their own research and development sleep eye masks. However, the competition is still cruel. At present, new brands are basically unable to shake their status, only new creative products can replace them.

The unique self-heating technology of the steam heated eye mask, one-time use and other characteristics have pointed out a new way out for the market. A hot compress at a certain temperature can bring good health protection to the eyes, accelerate the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, thereby alleviating dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc. The release of real steam brings a moisturizing experience to the eyes, thereby relieving eye fatigue and improving eyesight. The protection of has an obvious effect.

The steam heated eye mask has a shading function and can also bring more eye protection, which brings a multi-faceted market and more consumer groups to the steam eye mask.
The steam heated eye mask is one-time use, it is more convenient to carry, and you can throw it out in the trash can when you use it up. However, the traditional eye mask needs to be cleaned up after several uses, which brings more inconvenience. Nor can it bring more eye health benefits to consumers.

The unique characteristics of the steam heated eye mask have made it recognized by more industry brands. Since Kao’s first successful launch of the steam heated eye mask, it has become popular all over the world. At present, more daily brands, cosmetics brands, hotel brands, and spa brands have launched their own brand steam eye masks, and more eye care brands have launched more formal medical steam heated eye masks.
From kao, to hotsteam, spacemasks, popband, repose, as well as Cherish Ming, Bausch & Lomb and other brands, all have their own customized brands. Most of them are processed and customized by Chinese factories.

At present, there are more small brands launching their own private LOGO steam heated eye masks, you can find the similarities, but carefully discovered that the prices of big brands have always been higher than those of these small brands, and the quality is better than them, regardless of the raw materials. The quality of the eye mask is much higher than that of many small brands. That’s because quality control requirements and quality requirements make big brands have higher requirements for factories. For example, brands such as KAO require the quality of steam eye masks to reach medical quality, non-woven fabrics and other requirements need to have various allergies tests, and 13485 certification of enterprises is required, which determines that good steam heated eye masks cannot reduce costs too much. .

Due to the constant recurrence of the new crown epidemic and the continuous soaring of raw materials, the price of steam heatde eye masks will inevitably not drop. Therefore, the excessively low prices in the market will certainly not be able to achieve full coverage of medical raw materials.
Secondly, more and more small factories in China join the steam heated eye mask industry. In order to reduce costs and increase price advantages, the quality of raw materials is continuously reduced, so that the product can only have a heating effect within half a year, and the quality will be reduced after 1 year. Shorter, the heat is reduced, and the amount of steam is reduced. Because these factories do not have the ability to research and develop, they usurp the certifications and qualifications of large factories only for profit, thereby continuously reducing quality.

After 5 years of normal aging test and accelerated aging test, at present, there are only 3 domestic factories that can guarantee the quality of steam heated eye mask within 3 years. The steam heated eye mask of other factories will heat up temperature, time and steam quantity after half a year. There was a significant decrease, which dropped by half after one year, and completely failed after one and a half years. This is an important link for many brands and many new product managers that cannot be tested and reviewed.

So choose a reliable factory, no matter whether the raw materials of the products reach the medical level, the heating packs reach the true constant temperature technology level, the packaging is exquisite, and the efficient logistics services can bring more high-quality products and services to the brand.

When you consider customizing this product, you can find us. We will provide customized, high-quality steam heated eye masks and efficient logistics services for your needs.

We have been specializing in custom production of steam heated eye masks for 8 years. We have rich experience in heating technology, raw material use, etc., and we have also cooperated with big brands.
As the earliest R&D and production steam eye mask factory, we have accepted many big brand inspections, passed the recognition of big brands, and was the first to produce and certified steam eye masks in accordance with medical standards, and obtained or certified ISO13485, FDA, CE, BSCI Wait.

As the first Chinese factory for steam eye masks that was first and promoted globally, we continue to improve technology and research and development capabilities, and believe that quality is the key to success.
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