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cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK

cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK

Heng Run Group – DreamsTrip Foqin Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development of the warm therapy industry for eleven years since its establishment in 2006. We are committed to the research and development of products in the field of health and beauty. It is an innovative and high-tech manufacturing enterprise. Our main products are steam heat eye masks, heat warmers and detox foot patches, which have excellent quality and unique technology, and the quality of products is leading in the industry. We look forward to cooperating with you.


The steam heated eye mask product appearance is unique, with independent invention patent (pupil protection circle), patent number: 201310124891.7
It releases warm steam, which only heats the eye area, not the eyeball. It is lighter and thinner, protects the pupil and protects the eye from pressure and is more comfortable to wear. The eye mask has a 3D eye socket design with the pupil recessed inwards to provide all-round eye care and a gentle heat sensation to protect your pupil. The 3D steam surrounds your eyes with zero pressure and is more comfortable. 320mg of water vapour is soothingly released, warm and long lasting, lasting 20-30 minutes of steady heat, effectively relieving eye fatigue and making the eye area more hydrated and brighter.
The product has passed the US FDA certification, EU Class II CE certification, ISO13485 certification
We are the only company in China’s steam eye mask industry that has been awarded a national high-tech enterprise certificate. Also has more than 20 invention, utility and appearance patents.
Passed the BSCI social responsibility audit.

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[Product Name] Steam Heated Eye Mask (STEAM EYE MASK)

[Product Function] Improve eye blood circulation, maintain eye muscle health, give the eyes that have been working a steam bath, effectively relieve eye fatigue, prevent eye bags, reduce dark circles, do eye spa anytime, anywhere, moisten the glow.

[Product Description]

It is the first low-temperature steam eye mask created by our company, which leads the new habit of steam hot compress for eye care, improves eye blood circulation, keeps eye muscles healthy and active, professional eye SPA, moistens the charming glow, gives your eyes a steam bath for your eyes that have been working, and makes them comfortable at 40℃. After using this product for a few moments, it can effectively relieve eye fatigue, dry eyes, astringent eyes, swollen eyes, prevent eye bags, eliminate dark circles, give your eyes a SPA anytime, anywhere, and let your eyes have a warm and soothing environment!

[Steam eye mask steam generation principle]

The oxygen in the air, combined with the metal elements in the steam formula inside the eye mask, produces a warming effect. Under the effect of warmth, the liquid water in the formula becomes free water, which evaporates to form a fine, warm steam invisible to the naked eye. This steam is clean, warm and rich in oxygen ions. The process of steam release, which continues continuously, leaves the eye area feeling gently massaged by jets.

[What the eye steam does]

① Cleanses the eye area. The warm steam softens the keratinised cells of the eye area and facilitates the removal of dirt and keratinised cells from the deeper layers of the hair follicles during cleansing and massage, and enables the discharge of skin dirt and cosmetic residues, resulting in fresher, smoother and more delicate eye skin.

②Improve the microcirculation of the eye area and eliminate dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes are caused by lack of sleep, eye fatigue, and too slow blood flow in the eye veins, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the skin cells and excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, forming chronic hypoxia and eye pigmentation. The warm steam released by the steam eye mask improves the microvascular circulation of the eyes and enhances the nutrient supply to the skin, nerves and blood vessels of the eyes.

③ Replenishes eye moisture. Keeps the eye skin moist and elastic. Improves discomfort such as dry eyes and astringent eyes.

④Increases the absorption and release of oxygen ions. As the ionised steam is rich in oxygen ions, the impact produced by the jet is conducive to enhancing the absorption of oxygen ions by the skin. Under its thermal effect, it enhances the aerobic metabolism of the skin and increases the release of oxygen from oxygenated haemoglobin in the tissues, resulting in improved oxygen supply, which can reduce oedema, eye bags, eye pain and itchiness of the eye skin.

⑤ Promotes the absorption of emollient ingredients. Due to the expansion of skin follicles and capillaries, the permeability of blood vessel walls and cell membranes increases, which improves the penetration ability of molecules and the absorption rate of oxygen ions. At the same time, the skin remains moist for a longer period of time, which also creates opportunities for the skin to absorb drugs and nutrients, achieving the effect of improving emolliency.

[Applicable people]

1.People whose eyes are dry and sore due to long-term computer use.

2. People who work overtime or stay up late causing sore, dry eyes, sagging eye bags and dark circles.

3. People who need rest and care for their eyes after working or studying intensely every day.

4. For those who need a short break when taking a rest after a long journey or travelling on public transport.

[Precautions for use]

1. Please do not use together with other eye masks and eye patches.

2. When using eye drops, please take a moment to apply after the drops have been applied.

3. Do not use if your eyes are inflamed or affected.

4. If you feel overheated during use, please stop using.

5. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before using this product.

6. Please discontinue use if you experience redness or discomfort after use.

7. If the heat pouch is broken and the contents accidentally get into your eyes, do not rub, rinse immediately with water and consult an ophthalmologist.

8. Do not rub or shake the eye mask.

9. This product should not be consumed.

10. Do not use on infants, pregnant women, people who are incapable of self-care, people with eye diseases, skin diseases or allergies.

As an ISO13485 certified steam heated eye mask factory in China, we are committed to conscientious production and continuous technical improvement. We currently have long-term cooperation with major European brands involving cosmetics, daily necessities, and eye care brands, and have passed TheraTears‘ in-depth ISO13485 factory inspection to meet the production standards for eye care products!

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