Are steam heated eye masks recyclable?

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Custom Manufacturing Process for Heated Steam Eye Masks
22 11 月, 2022
cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK
Professional manufacturer of steam heated eye masks
12 12 月, 2022
recyclable of steam heated eye mask

recyclable of steam heated eye mask

The steam heated eye mask originated from the launch of Kao in Japan and has been enhanced and spread around the world under the development of top factories in China. Its consumer market’s are getting bigger and bigger, with the number of uses doubling year after year, with the Chinese market accounting for 90% of the use, followed by the UK, Japan, Korea, USA and Australia. The market is so hot that many factories in China are involved in the production of steam heated eye masks without any production standards, making the quality of the product uneven. Are steam eye masks recyclable?

recyclable of steam heated eye mask

Unlike regular blackout eye masks, steam eye masks are made of non-woven fabric, stretch fabric and heat generators.
Many steam eye masks on the market today use a powder-coated heating pad with iron powder and activated carbon inside. After the chemical reaction, there is no reaction. This part belongs to other waste (dry waste) and can be disposed of directly in the rubbish bin.
The remaining non-woven types etc. are recyclable, but the elastic fabric as well as the elastic cords need to be specifically differentiated. The elastic fabric of many steam eye masks is not biodegradable. Some elastic cords are biodegradable!
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In order to protect the environment, we use biodegradable ear hooks, making the whole steam eye mask recyclable, except for the internal heating piece part can not be recycled, our company has innovated it again, using the quick separation eye mask, the heating piece can be directly removed after cooling down, so that the maximum possible waste separation and disposal!

As an ISO13485 certified steam heated eye mask factory in China, we are committed to conscientious production and continuous technical improvement. We currently have long-term cooperation with major European brands involving cosmetics, daily necessities, and eye care brands, and have passed TheraTears‘ in-depth ISO13485 factory inspection to meet the production standards for eye care products!

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