How to customize steam eye masks (Disposable self-heating eye masks)

cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK
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12 12 月, 2022
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steam eye mask factory 2 view

steam eye mask factory 2 view

The MOQ of custom steam eye masks from Chinese factories ranges from 30,000-100,000pcs, but not every brand or individual is suitable for such full customization (box, bag, and eye mask pattern customization), we are the only quality manufacturer that can provide full customization with MOQ 10,000, lowering the threshold and bringing the cost down further, but not lowering the quality of the brand.

How to customize disposable self-heating eye masks
As the market for steam heated eye masks continues to heat up, more and more individuals and brands from around the world, and even many major brands, are joining the fight for the steam eye mask market.

cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK

As a disposable consumable, steam eye masks have a wide consumer market and are not limited by the direction of sales. However, before entering this market, you still need to evaluate the positioning of your own brand and investigate the sales market in your home market, and more importantly, choose the strength of the OEM factory, rather than choosing cheap steam eye masks.

First of all, if you are interested in the steam eye mask market in your country, then you can find a professional steam eye mask custom manufacturer for detailed understanding, preferably the most professional manufacturer in China – STEAMEYEMASK.COM, they are currently providing custom processing services for most of the big brands, such as ZHENSHIMIN, MINISO, and SPACEMASKS, POPMASK, and LULA, REPOSE, SENSORY RETREATS, etc. They know the market situation of each country.

Second, the positioning of their own brands, low-end market competition is not necessary, China now has hundreds of steam eye mask factories, the price is not the cheapest only cheaper. But steam eye masks as self-heating products in Europe and the United States belong to a class of two medical devices, in China is a chemical product, so only the head of a few companies in China can really do a full qualification, in line with the FDA, CE and 13485 production standards. Own brand is a light luxury brand or beauty brand, or the main daily brand.

Secondly, we provide customized solutions to join their own brand design and integration. Because each factory offers a different custom solution MOQ. Many new brands just want to minimize the MOQ, but the raw material suppliers can not reduce. With our strong supply chain operation, MOQ10000 pcs are fully customized, including customization of boxes, foil bags, eye mask patterns, and customization of fragrances. The MOQ of other factories is 50,000 pieces. Combined with our own brand’s understanding of the market, the trial order of 10,000 pieces, the loss can be completely reduced to a minimum. Once the market is hot, the quantity can be increased so as not to affect the image of the brand. Because other factories offer a solution to reduce the MOQ is semi-custom, only custom boxes, foil bags and eye masks using through-plate or unprinted style, which is not conducive to the promotion of the brand later. For example, the British Genesis brand SPACEMASKS, fully customized 30,000 pieces of trial orders, before the start of the order has been the promotion of the brand eye mask, after the completion of the order, directly shipped 10,000 pieces by air to quickly connect the customer, the other 20,000 pieces shipped by sea to the UK…

The last is to join their own investigation, pre-promotion, as well as supplier confirmation, customization program to determine the need for a detailed understanding. As the earliest and most professional manufacturer of custom steam eye masks, we started to launch in 2013, and customize for more than 20 well-known brands worldwide, and passed the 13485 medical device production standard factory inspection by TheraTears. Our customers are located in Europe and America, engaged in beauty, daily use, hotel, ophthalmology, etc.

As an ISO13485 certified steam heated eye mask factory in China, we are committed to conscientious production and continuous technical improvement. We currently have long-term cooperation with major European brands involving cosmetics, daily necessities, and eye care brands, and have passed TheraTears‘ in-depth ISO13485 factory inspection to meet the production standards for eye care products!

One-to-one precise matching and service, providing more diversified customized private LOGO steam heated eye mask services for brands and customers in different countries around the world!
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