How to use steam heated eye masks accurately?

Benefits of steam heated eye masks frm Specialist Ophthalmologists
Most accurate benefits of steam heated eye masks – Answered from eye doctors
9 11 月, 2022
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Custom Manufacturing Process for Heated Steam Eye Masks
22 11 月, 2022
steam warming heating sleep eye mask_manufacturer

steam warming heating sleep eye mask_manufacturer

It is particularly important to use steam heated eye masks correctly and, most importantly, to control the time, as it is not beneficial to apply heat to the eyes for long periods of time, and too much heat for too long can lead to swelling. Of course, it is even more important to choose a steam heated eye mask with constant heat, as uneven heat can be more damaging to the eyes.

Steam heated eye masks are different from ordinary eye masks. Before using it, we need to wash our face and hands first, then remove the eye masks and pay attention to use them immediately after removing them, leaving them on for too long will lose their effectiveness. Hang the elastic band over your ears and close your eyes for 10-30 minutes, after which you should remove it promptly, otherwise it is not good for your eyes, the specific steps to wear it are as follows.

How to use steam heated eye mask

1, Wash your face and hands before use. Then open the package and take out the steam heated eye mask.

2, steam eye mask in the time to take out has begun to warm up, this time you can open the lugs in advance, put the lugs on the ears can be.

3, Usually, in order to make the eye mask fit our eyes better, the middle of the eye mask is designed with an opening. Usually the large opening faces downwards and the small opening faces upwards, so be careful when wearing them.

4, After wearing the eye mask, you can remove it in about 20-30 minutes. Depending on your personal preference, 25 minutes is the best time to wear. Steam eye masks are not suitable to be worn for more than 40 minutes when they are hot, and can be used again as a light shield when they are not hot.

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