Custom Manufacturing Process for Heated Steam Eye Masks

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steam eye mask process 2

steam eye mask process 2

The most authoritative article on the custom manufacturing process of heated steam eye masks: from the best quality factory that launched steam eye mask processing earliest in 2013.

The prerequisite for customised steam eye masks is to find a quality factory that sources raw materials and produces finished products to international standards. In accordance with the requirements of the European Union and countries such as the USA and Australia, this product is an eye care product and needs to comply with ISO 13485 production standards, CE medical class II III certification, FDA approval, MDA, etc. At present, there are very few factories that meet the above standards, and most Chinese factories produce according to the standards for daily use products, and CE FDA certification is not standardised. There are many problems with eye burns and other customer complaints.

cetifcation of ISO 13485 CE FDA HEATED STEAM EYE MASK

Comprehensive above, the price of steam eye masks in China is atrocious, many factories are the production of warm patch transition over, manufacturing costs are very low, there is no raw material procurement in accordance with medical standards, can not provide each raw material of medical various tests. They are not able to guarantee the heating time of the steam eye masks and the constant heating. Most steam eye masks only follow the general principle of heat and steam release, and cannot guarantee a constant temperature of more than 15 minutes or a constant amount of steam, or a temperature that is too high or too low, and cannot even guarantee that the product is valid for more than 1.5 years. Therefore, in order to be responsible for the consumer, steam eye masks need to be manufactured according to ISO 13485 standards and in a factory with constant temperature technology. Our steam eye masks are made from medical-grade raw materials, with a constant temperature and long-lasting heat, and a 3-year shelf life.

The production process for custom steam eye masks is divided into 4 major steps.

  1. Determination of the customised steam eye mask solution, design of the box, bag and non-woven pattern: generally provided by the customer and then finalised by the factory.
  2. After the design is finalised, the steam eye mask box, bag and non-woven fabric printing will be purchased. The manufacturing of the heaters is carried out in the factory.
  3. After the box, bag and non-woven fabric are procured into the factory, custom production of the steam eye mask is carried out and production begins after the machine is commissioned. The steam eye masks for the one-piece ear hooks will be directly cut and hot glued into the heaters and then bagged and boxed. The steam eye masks with elasticated cord ear hooks are cut and hot glued after putting in the heating pad, and then the ear hooks are glued again before being bagged and boxed..
    • Steam heated eye mask production process flow chart
  4. The whole process of raw material acceptance, steam eye mask heat test, constant temperature test, and packaging inspection, sampling qualified before into the warehouse, after customer confirmation for logistics delivery, can provide customers with a complete logistics to the door solution.

The above is the general process of steam eye masks, for more detailed information please refer to the process page of this website.

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