Most accurate benefits of steam heated eye masks – Answered from eye doctors

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Benefits of steam heated eye masks frm Specialist Ophthalmologists

Benefits of steam heated eye masks frm Specialist Ophthalmologists

Benefits of steam heated eye masks frm Specialist Ophthalmologists

With 98% of the production and consumer market for steam eye masks in China, the benefits and caveats of steam eye masks have been summarized and recommended by ophthalmologists from 2013 consumer use to the present. Let’s look directly at the answers to the benefits and use of steam eye masks from ophthalmologists at major hospitals in China.

The benefits of steam heated eye masks have the effect of promoting blood circulation in the eyes and relieving dry eyes and eye fatigue, but there are hazards of eye skin allergy, burns, and eye tissue damage. Therefore, in the use of steam eye masks should pay attention to the use of time, suitable for the crowd, eye cleaning, etc., as follows.

1. Time of use: For the general work or study population, it is generally recommended to use steam eye masks at noon time, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue caused by work or study in the morning, and try to avoid wearing steam eye masks at night before going to bed, so as not to forget to take off the steam eye masks. Wearing steam eye masks to sleep is relatively dangerous, eye skin contact with the eye mask for a long time may cause skin allergies or burns, cooling hardened steam eye mask, there may be pressure on the eyeball, resulting in eye tissue damage.
2. Suitable for the crowd: steam eye masks are generally suitable for long hours of electronic screens and driving and other personnel, and often stay up late or insomnia, but it should be noted that suffering from eye diseases, such as eye inflammation, are not recommended.
3. Eye cleaning: such as eye makeup people, before using steam eye masks, you need to thoroughly remove makeup cleaning, as well as wearing contact lenses also need to take off first.
When buying steam eye masks need to recognize the regular products, to develop good habits and eye habits, if the use of steam eye masks appear headache, fever and other uncomfortable symptoms, should promptly remove the eye mask, the symptoms are serious recommended to seek medical attention.
———————From the Director of Ophthalmology Zhang at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Usually it can relieve vision fatigue, and it can lighten the effect of dark circles. If you use steam eye masks for a long time, it may cause bleeding in the eyes, or even clogged pores, which can cause particle attacks. Steam eye masks help accelerate blood circulation in the eyes and also produce heat, preferably for about 20 minutes. If the material chosen is not suitable, there may be an irritating smell.
———————From Dr. Shen, chief ophthalmologist at Shandong Provincial Hospital

Steam HEATED eye mask is packed with hydroxy iron powder, when the oxygen in the air in contact with the hydroxy iron powder can occur after the oxidation reaction, generate heat, and eventually make the moisture in the air heated, generating steam to the eyes for the role of hot compresses; steam eye mask can produce beneficial effects on the eyes, but also cause some adverse effects:.
1, Benefits: steam heated eye masks of warm steam can stretch the blood vessels around the eyes, promote blood circulation around the eyes, can play a role in soothing muscle fatigue around the eyes, can dissipate local inflammation, relieve patients of dark circles situation, but also help improve the patient’s sleep. At the same time, the design of disposable packaging is easy to carry and use in a timely manner.
2, harm: steam eye mask if the quality of the problem of heating up too fast, there may be burns, resulting in eye redness, pain, eye skin damage and other hazards; in addition, prolonged use of steam eye mask, will lead to faster evaporation of tears, patients appear dry eyes, fatigue, transient vision loss and other situations.
Therefore, it is recommended that patients avoid long-term use of steam eye masks, can be used at intervals of several days, each time not too long; at the same time should choose the regular manufacturer of steam eye masks to use, to ensure the safety of use. Choose the medical type of steam eye mask is the safest and most secure, constant temperature does not irritate, skin-friendly warm and comfortable.
———– from the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital Ophthalmology Director Dr. Cui

Steam heated eye mask can be used to relax the eye muscles, relieve eye fatigue and other benefits.
Relax the eye muscles. Steam heated eye mask is a self-heating temperature control technology, so that the moisture in the air and iron powder in the eye mask, a chemical reaction, so as to form a heat body. Steam eye masks can improve blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue under the effect of local heating, which can relax the original tense eye muscles.
Relieve eye fatigue. Through the steam eye mask heating principle, can promote the eye blood circulation, thus improving the role of eye fatigue. For people who look at cell phones and computers for a long time, they are prone to visual fatigue and usually have dry eyes, soreness and other uncomfortable symptoms. By wearing steam eye masks, you can make your eyes get sufficient rest and also promote local blood circulation, which can relieve the symptoms caused by eye fatigue.
Although steam heated eye masks have more benefits, they should be avoided for those who suffer from eye diseases, such as glaucoma, damage or swelling around the eyes. It is best to choose steam eye masks of medical standard. Currently in China, there are relatively few steam heated eye mask factories that meet the medical grade.
———— from Dr. Huang, an ophthalmologist at China-Japan Friendship Hospital

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