Analysis of the difference between steam heated eye masks and USB heated eye masks

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9 8 月, 2022
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9 11 月, 2022
USB eye mask VS Steam heated eye mask

Steam heated eye masks have become ubiquitous, and more and more people are using them instead of USB eye masks, and traditional eye masks. Why?

Nowadays, many people stay up late leading to dark circles, eye bags, eye puffiness and other problems aggravated, so the emergence of hot compress eye mask is loved by everyone, became a lot of stay up late a family of eye care tools. It can effectively resist the strong light, but also to improve sleep effect on.
Speaking of heated eye masks, there are two main types, one is a steam heated eye mask, and one is a USB heated eye mask. So, disposable steam eye masks and electric heating eye masks, which one is good in the end? How would you choose?

USB eye mask VS Steam heated eye mask

Steam eye masks: disposable products, heat through the internal iron powder in contact with the air and release steam evenly through the non-woven fabric. On the one hand, replenish the moisture needed by the skin around the eyes, on the other hand, hot compress the eyes to achieve the role of promoting blood circulation, soothing eye fatigue and sleep aid.
USB heat eye mask: only the role of hot compresses to relieve eye fatigue, need to spray their own water to achieve the steam eye mask steam function, and safety to be considered.Product Application of steam heated eye mask

Heat generation
Steam eye mask: The time and temperature of the heat released by the steam eye mask is controlled by the oxygen permeability rate of the breathable film. If the oxygen permeation is too slow, the temperature is too low and does not work; if the oxygen permeation is too fast and the temperature is too high, it is very likely to burn the skin and damage the cornea. So when you buy steam eye masks, you have to pick the steam eye masks produced by the regular manufacturers, which have a long duration of heat and constant temperature.
The most humane design of USB heat eye mask is that you can adjust the time and temperature of the heat compress according to your preference, which thoughtfully takes care of the needs of different people.

double steam release from ultrathin eye mask heating

(41 ℃ constant temperature heating for 30 minutes)

◎ Self Heating Steam eye mask: one piece at a time individually packaged, easy to carry, travel, business trip in the bag, relax and relieve fatigue anytime, anywhere.
◎ USB heating eye mask: can be washed and used repeatedly, but the product itself is not stored in electricity, the use of mobile power needs to be connected, relatively speaking, not so convenient.popmask factory

Self Heating Steam eye mask: generally non-woven + built-in heat package, relatively light, will not cause a burden on the skin, plus there is steam to moisten the skin around the eyes, wear a whole night will not have a stuffy feeling, will have a good experience.
◎ USB heat eye mask: compared to steam eye mask a little heavier, because there is no steam, use too long easy to dry eyes and eyes dry. The inner part of the eye mask is wrapped with sponge and heat plate, which is a little harder to the touch and less breathable, so it is not recommended to wear it all night.

heated eye mask popband popmask london

Self Heating Steam eye mask: there are independent packaging, these products are single-use, ready to use, safe and hygienic.
◎ USB heating eye mask: Although it can be reused, it is easy to stick to dirty things after long-term use, and the eyes are the most vulnerable part, which can easily breed bacteria and cause eye diseases. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Tips: For those who like convenience, it is recommended to choose disposable steam self heated eye masks. If you like to adjust the temperature and time yourself, it is recommended to choose USB heated eye masks.
The eyes are prone to dryness and fatigue, after applying a heated eye mask is simply revived ~ these two eye masks have their advantages, in the selection of eye masks, choose a suitable and safe eye mask is the most important .

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