The important point of customizing and purchasing steam heated eye masks

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The global hot market of steam heated eye mask in 2021
2 2 月, 2021
steam heated eye mask factory supplier

steam heated eye mask factory supplier

With the popularity of self-heating steam eye mask, more and more brands have joined the market. The customization of the steam heated eye mask is nothing more than the redesign of the opposite cloth picture, the pouch and the box. The shape of the eye mask and the improvement of the heating sheet cannot be further designed and changed, because this involves many years of production experience and market feedback. In terms of the efficacy of the product itself, the current style has met the needs of the market, and consumers will not have further requirements for the efficacy of the steam eye mask. The steam eye mask itself is a self-heating disposable product, which fails after use and is thrown into the trash. Therefore, too high a value is not good for market sales, so the current customization of steam eye masks by various brands is mainly concentrated on the design of packaging and patterns.

With the fierce feedback from the market, many domestic factories in China have joined the steam heated eye masks industry to carry out on-demand processing. They also claim to use the best raw materials and technology, but these transformed factories also use good materials. The difference is Yes, brands need to compare them one by one, in terms of softness, breathability, thickness, etc. However, the current steam eye masks on the market do not have much difference in the cost of different materials, so technology brings There is a big difference, this difference will be manifested in several places:

The technology of uniform heat generation

First of all, the technology of uniform heat generation. The real steam heated eye mask needs to reach the optimal temperature within half a minute to 1 minute after unpacking, and maintain this temperature within ±3°C for the next 20-30 minutes. However, according to the current testing, there are very few factories that really meet this requirement, and many brands do not have professional tools for temperature measurement after getting samples. They just think that the temperature is about the same and the time is about 25 minutes. This is wrong. This test depends on the authenticity of the report given by the factory and whether the purchaser can conduct the test on its own.

Control a certain amount of steam

Secondly, what is a steam eye mask? Where does the steam heated eye mask come from? Therefore, it is very important to control a certain amount of steam. At present, not many factories can reach the standard after testing. After the steam eye mask is unpacked, the amount of steam is generally within 15 minutes Will be consumed. The current steam heated eye mask will ensure sufficient steam, and it will generally be kept for 25-30 minutes. Therefore, this double the amount of steam is particularly important, because the product itself is characterized by steam. If there is no steam, what is the difference between it and ordinary eyewear.

The heating sheet technology of eye masks

In addition, regarding the heating sheet technology of eye masks, most products and factories on the market currently use powdered heating packs, and a few factories use chip heating packs. In fact, the essence is the same, because the steam heated eye mask was developed based on warm stickers. Due to the limited production technology at that time and the urgent need to seize the market, the powder leaked from the powder package of the heating pack, and the powder in the powder package could not be evenly dispersed. So the flakes appear, and the essence of the flakes is actually to compress the powder into a layer of non-woven fabric to prevent the powder from leaking. With the continuous development of technology, powder heating packs have solved these problems. At present, there are two heating methods on the market. However, not every factory can master the technology of uniform heat generation. It is still necessary to keep experimenting to realize the constant feedback from the market. As far as the product itself is concerned, the most mature heating technology is the powder heating pack, which is more stable.

The validity period of the steam eye mask

The best and most important thing is the validity period of the steam eye mask. At present, many factories mark the validity period of this steam eye mask as two years, especially the steam eye mask with a piece of heat pack. There are also those marked as three years. For example, in our company, we use powdered heating packs. Steam eye mask products need to ensure that they can still reach the quality standard during the validity period of the product, and meet the requirements of the product’s heating, steam, and constant temperature. At present, no factory can guarantee, only the market and production and sales experience. However, we can check. We tested the blindfolds of several factories, and the products will show obvious signs of low temperature and short heating time in the second year. This shows that the stability of the product is not guaranteed. Therefore, our factory is the first to follow the daily aging experiment, which lasted three years, and made its own experimental report, which proved that our products can guarantee the product quality within 3 years. After being tested by a well-known American company, it meets its requirements.

The stability of Steam eye mask

Steam heated eye mask customization, in addition to design packaging, etc., and the importance of materials, I think is the stability of this steam heated eye mask, if your company purchases tens of thousands of pieces, after more than a year, half of them have not sold out, but the product is stable has declined, quality is not guaranteed, can it be sold? Please think about the seriousness of this problem!

You should choose us

And the steam heated eye mask in our factory are guaranteed for 3 years, not a normal factory guarantee for 2 years! It is helpful to the sales time. contact us get more infos about this steam eye mask:

This is the most important part of custom purchasing steam heated eye masks, the length of the validity period and the stability of the product!


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