Sleep Heat Eye Mask
Sleep Heat Eye Mask
12 1 月, 2021

Customization and Production of Steam Heated Face Mask

Customization of steam face mask: Mainly customize the outer packaging of the face mask and the design of the cloth pattern. The customization of the outer packaging is divided into the design of the shape and pattern of the aluminum foil pouch and the box.

Available FragranceFree fragrance, jasmine, rose, lavender, gardenia, grapefruit, chamomile, mint, etc., customers can provide essential oils without any additional cost. No fee for fragrance addition
DimensionMinimum pouch size: 13.5 x 12.5cm
Minimum box size: 14 x 13cm
Eye mask size: 18.5 x 8cm
Packing DataInner Packing:Packed in Foil pouch, 1pcs in a pouch
Box Packing: 4pcs~15pcs or more in a color paper box.
Outer Packing :corrugated carton
DescriptionSteam face masks are disposable daily necessities, which are widely used to relax, moisturize and protect the face skin.
Accelerate cell renewal and growth, make skin healthy and shiny;
Restrain the growth of melanophore, make skin more luster;
Neutralize skin free radicals and prevent skin aging;
Activate cells and smooth away wrinkles.
Using it as a partner with other skin care products ,realize 1+1>3, increasing the effect of your skin care products , help to win the customer back . Top grade gold foil layer material.
Anion- promote blood circulation, improve metabolism.
heating steam layer- help to open pore and making deep complement moisture.
Bamboo carbon Layer- Renew the cells and restore the skin to the best condition.
MaterialsIron powder, Activated carbon, Water, Inorganic salts etc.
Working PrincipleWhen take the mask off the pouch, Iron powder will oxidize when it meets oxygen, to produce heat and steam.
Easy to UseStep 1
Remove face mask from sealed pouch. The mask will begin to warm up when opened. Use immediately.

Step 2
Wear mask with the right surface facing you, making contact with face. It‘s better effect if used with a moisturizing mask.

Step 3
Keep using during 20minutes duration. Discard after use.
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