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Hot Steam Eye Mask
6 1 月, 2021
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Hot Compress Eye Mask
12 1 月, 2021

Customization and Production of Pop Heating Eye Mask

Customization of steam eye mask: Mainly customize the outer packaging of the eye mask and the design of the cloth pattern. The customization of the outer packaging is divided into the design of the shape and pattern of the aluminum foil pouch and the box.

Available fragrancesFree fragrance, jasmine, rose, lavender, gardenia, grapefruit, chamomile, mint, etc., customers can provide essential oils without any additional cost. No fee for fragrance addition
DimensionMinimum pouch size: 13 x 12cm
Minimum box size: 13.5 x 12.5cm
Eye mask size: 18.5 x 8cm
Packing DataInner Packing:Packed in Foil pouch, 1pcs in a pouch
Box Packing: 4pcs~15pcs or more in a color paper box.
Outer Packing :corrugated carton
DescriptionSteam eye masks are disposable daily necessities, which are widely used to relax, moisturize and protect the eyes.
They are suitable for use before going to bed, after working for a long time and after excessive use of the eyes. It is also suitable for SPA and hotels. It is more used for relaxation and can be used in conjunction with eye drops and essential oils.
At present, the brands of eye masks that launch this kind of steam eye mask are all over the industries of eye care, beauty and cosmetics, also the daily use. The consumer group covers a wide range and the repurchase rate is high. It is more convenient and faster to use and carry than traditional heating eye masks and shading eye masks!
MaterialsIron powder, Activated carbon, Water, Inorganic salts etc.
Working PrincipleWhen take the mask off the pouch, Iron powder will oxidize when it meets oxygen, to produce heat and steam.
Why choose this product!Treat Your Eyes Right!
We’ve become so accustomed to dealing with strained, irritated, tired eyes that we end up ignoring these signs altogether. But no more – Steam heated Eye Mask makes it easier than ever to treat your eyes right!

Instant, Self-Heating Eye Mask
Our eye masks use innovative self-heating technology that warms up the mask as soon as you open the packet. At just above the body temperature, this soothing heat is distributed evenly to help your tired eyes relax.

Lightweight & Easy to Use
Unpack the mask & allow 30 seconds to 1 minute for its air-activated self-heating technology to warm it up. Wear like a regular eye mask for 25-30 minutes. Discard after use (it’s recyclable!).

Eye Strain & Eye Fatigue? No More!
We spend hours staring at screens every day. The dry eye is just one symptom – eye strain can have much severe health effects. XX Eye Mask helps you relieve eye strain in a matter of minutes. Fresher eyes = fresher you!

Bed or Bath – We’ve Got You Covered!
Steam Heated Eye Mask is designed to energize your eyes by alleviating the stress. This warm eye mask also doubles up as an effective sleep mask. Use with your favorite essential oils for a personalized, comforting experience.

Combat Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles
By reducing eye strain & relieving eye fatigue, this eye mask helps combat eye puffiness & dark circles.

Take It Wherever You Go
Compact in size, this eye mask is incredibly useful on a daily basis. Keep a stash handy at your workplace & home. Love traveling? Pack it in your purse, pouch or cosmetics kit.
Easy to UseStep 1
Remove eye mask from sealed pouch. The eye mask will begin to warm up when opened. Use immediately.

Step 2
Wear mask with the white surface facing you, making contact with eyes. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils or aromatherapy, if desired.

Step 3
Place Straps around the ears. Keep eyes closed during 30 minutes duration. Discard after use.
Why choose us to customize the steam eye maskWe are a first and professional steam heated eye mask manufacturer and factory founded on 2006, providing customized services of steam eye mask since 2013.
Professional steam heated eye mask manufacturers, heated steam eye masks have been developed for many years now. Since Kao in 2012, Chinese steam eye mask manufacturers have started to increase, but there are few factories that meet the quality standards.
Standard steam eye mask, full of steam, must be constant temperature for 30 minutes, using high-quality iron powder, there are few factories using secondary reduced iron powder. The steam eye mask using secondary reduced iron powder will reduce the heavy metal content, which is close to the standard of cosmetics. The high-quality secondary reduced iron powder used by our company has achieved constant temperature control for 20 minutes to 90 minutes, achieved full steam, and minimized heavy metals.
Our company started to promote steam eye masks in 2013, registered at steameyemask.com, which is the first in China. A Chinese manufacturer that promotes steam eye masks is also the first to promote global steam eye masks. Currently, it has customized various types of steam eye masks for more than 20 brands worldwide.
The steam eye mask for eye protection is the best companion to treat dry eyes, eye fatigue, promote blood circulation of the skin on the eyes, lighten dark circles, and bags under the eyes. Therefore, it must meet the medical device standards. Our company has passed ISO13485 certification, CE, FDA certification, ensuring product safety.
Steam heated eye masks need to use medical non-woven fabrics, needling cotton, need to reach 0 allergy test and virus test, so the price of high-quality steam eye masks must not be lowered.
The quality of the steam eye mask is based on the continuous improvement and improvement of the company's production technology, and our factory has reached the best standard. We ensure that the quality of the steam eye mask is consistent from production to the end of the validity period, also ensure that our products have a validity period of 3 years, which cannot be achieved by other factories. More factories will only guarantee 2 years, and after 1 year, their heating temperature and time will be reduced. We can provide 3 years of normal aging test report, which cost 3 years to completed. And accelerated aging test report. This is something that other factories cannot provide. At present, our products have been recognized and tested by American and British medical and health brands and beauty products, and have reached cooperation.
We have 20 production lines of steam heated eye mask and a complete production supply chain system. And provide customers with a comprehensive supply chain logistics delivery service from order to receipt. With the continuous upgrading of product quality and experience, it is our responsibility to provide customers with better products.
With the improvement of the quality of life and the development of electronic information, the daily use of electronic products such as computers and mobile phones reaches more than 8 hours, so all of us need to moisturize our eyes, decompress, and steam eye masks are easy to carry and easy to use. The best eye protection companion for traveling and sleeping.

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