Customized production process of steam eye mask

Steam heated eye mask production process flow chart

Steam Eye Mask Customization Process Details


Send Samples

According to your requirements for customization, free samples will be sent for you to confirm the style and quality, so that you can refer to and combine your own brand for innovative customization when designing

Quotation and Design

After the customer confirms the sample, will quote according to the customer's request, and the customer will refer to our customized size for packaging design and pattern design

Inspection and Procurement

After the customer completes the design, the design draft will be further checked. After meeting the packaging production requirements, packaging production and procurement will be arranged.

Heating Pads Production

According to the order, will arrange the production of the heating pads and strict sampling inspections to meet our company's standards.


Check and Arrange Production

After the boxes, pouches and non-woven fabrics are produced, will be reviewed to meet the requirements of the customer’s design drawings and the quality will be checked. After the review is passed, the production will be arranged on schedule.

Production and Testing

Automatically produce eye masks and put heating pads in it, then bagging and Boxing. Each step will be tested, last will print the code and packaging will be performed according to customer requirements.

Packing and Storage

Perform a second inspection on the finished eye mask, test the quality of the product and the packaging quality to meet the factory requirements, and after the confirmation of customer, the packing and storage will be arranged.

International Logistics

According to the order requirements, arrange international logistics, we can arrange sea, air, express and rail transport, door to door service.
Get a detailed customized solutions


    According to the estimation of existing customers, the specific time will be decided according to the actual production and orders.

    • 1 weeks

      Samples Checking
    • 1 week

      Design the packing
    • 2-3 weeks

      Production of the packaging
    • 1-2 week

      Eye mask production
    • 3-7 days

      Store and booking space
    • 30-45 days

      International logistics