Investigation on the development status of the steam heated eye mask market in 2022-2025 and analysis and forecast of the supply and demand pattern

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The steam heated eye mask has only been developed for 10 years. It originated in Japan at the earliest. In 2007, the Japanese company Kao took the lead in producing this lightweight, environmentally friendly high-tech eye protection product. As the various The steam eye mask has only been developed for 10 years. It originated in Japan at the earliest. In 2007, the Japanese company Kao took the lead in producing this lightweight, environmentally friendly high-tech eye protection product. As the various effects of Japanese steam eye masks are gradually recognized by the Chinese, various types of steam eye masks have begun to enter the market. Since 2015, China’s domestic micro-business business model has been developed, and the micro-business group, driven by interests, has been involved in the steam eye mask market with unprecedented enthusiasm, triggering an upsurge in the steam eye mask market. And it has been extended to foreign countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and other countries, and this situation continues to this day.

Eyes are the window to the soul, but in modern society, with the accelerating pace of study and work, eye fatigue and dryness have almost become the daily state of most people. “How to protect the eyes scientifically” has gradually risen to one of the unavoidable problems of celebrities and ordinary people.

The steam eye mask first originated in Japan. Later, Chinese companies developed a series of related technologies and passed the EU standard steam eye mask, which can achieve various effects such as relieving eye fatigue, caring for eye skin, protecting eyesight, and helping sleep through warm steam compress. There are two main types of steam eye masks on the market: iron powder heating type and thin core heating type.

Steam heated eye mask began to appear in the Chinese market after 2013, among which Kao is the representative of steam goggles. Although the inbound consumer demand for Kao’s steam eye mask in 2017 was lower than that in 2016, sales of steam eye mask increased steadily due to the development of new customers in Japan. . Thanks to the growth in sales in Japan and Asia, the revenue of steam eye masks in 2017 reached 2.317 billion yuan, an increase of 760 million yuan compared to 2016.

Temperature test record sheet steam eye mask

According to the latest research report of the World Health Organization, there will be about 2.5 billion myopia patients worldwide in 2020, of which 600 million are myopia in China. The steam eye mask is a popular Internet celebrity item in recent years. Many people use steam eye masks to help them fall asleep at night when they are tired but refreshed, but after using them, they find that their eyes are really comfortable.

In today’s society, with the increasing market size of electronic products, people’s dependence on electronic products is also increasing, and eye fatigue is increasing, and the demand for eye protection products is increasing. Therefore, various products to relieve eye fatigue emerge in an endless stream, among which steam eye mask is very popular.

For a time, steam eye masks became the new favorite of the industry, resulting in a wide variety of products on the market, but the quality was uneven, and there were many hidden dangers. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of consumers, they only care about the cheap price, and do not pay attention to the technical process used by the steam eye mask, and no one seriously considers the actual experience brought by different technologies. As for the safety of various products in actual use, most consumers do not understand. More Chinese steam eye mask factories just use the traditional “warm treasure” technology without technical support. Its production material and heating principle are basically our common “warmer stickers” used for other parts of the body except the eyes. Department of care products. Such products basically have no effective temperature control measures, and the heat generation is random and the temperature difference changes greatly. If there is no mature production process, it is easy to cause slippery powder and leakage of powder, which has the potential to damage the eye skin and pupil.

At present, the steam eye mask industry has not done enough to popularize the use safety knowledge of related products, or maybe some manufacturers are simply taboo to popularize knowledge related to the use of safety, and avoid promoting the advantages of products. In fact, steam eye masks can be technically divided into two categories: iron powder type and thin core heating type. The biggest difference between the two is the material of the heating element in the steam eye mask.

The blending ratio of essential oils and essence also needs to be tested through continuous experiments and proofing. This is iThe heating principle of the iron powder type steam eye mask is to let the moisture in the air and the metal powder form a heating body inside the eye mask, and generate fine and moist steam molecules that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Iron powder type products lack effective temperature control measures, and the temperature difference of heat generation varies greatly. If there is no mature production process, it is easy to cause slippery powder and leakage of powder, which has the potential to damage the eye skin and pupil.

The high-quality steam eye mask adopts the thin-film heating chip technology patented in China. The principle is to press the heating body into a sheet shape and embed it into the steam eye mask together with the temperature control material, and act on the eyes in a safe hot compress. Its heating temperature and duration are relatively stable. Due to the flake shape, it is impossible to damage the eyes during use, such as slipping powder, powder leakage, and too large temperature difference, which are common in powdered bag-type and near-flake-type steam eye masks. The phenomenon of the skin, the product safety is more guaranteed. This is also a technology that other factories cannot copy! At present, 99% of steam eye mask factories in China still use the low-cost and unsecured warm-up technology. Steam eye mask is a daily necessities in China, but it is an eye care product in Europe and the United States, and its supervision is stricter! Therefore, only those with better quality and better technology can develop more safely in the market!
The cost of steam eye masks of Kao in Japan is much higher than that of steam eye masks of Chinese factories. This is because of its strict raw material use standards and technical input, which are the guarantee of product stability and safety. Therefore, when choosing a steam eye mask manufacturer in China, you cannot choose at a low price. You need to compare in terms of product quality assurance, product safety, product raw materials, etc.! This is also the reason why the prices of British brands SPACEMASK, POPMASK, etc. are not reduced!

Constant temperature fever detection steam eye mask

Constant temperature fever detection steam eye mask

The world has entered the era of science and technology, and the development momentum is advancing rapidly. It can be said that people’s future life will be indispensable to high-tech products such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, and various electronic mobile terminals. In this way, it is self-evident that the eyes, as an important part of the body, will be under pressure. In order to relieve the pressure on our eyes, eye care is especially necessary, which brings unlimited market space for eye care products – steam eye masks, and also brings opportunities for the growth and development of the steam eye mask industry.

As a brand-new eye care category, steam eye mask can be predicted that within a few years, the European and American markets and industry scale will surely surpass that of daily products such as facial masks that are developing rapidly and have common fast-moving, universal and convenient properties. , has become a major category of eye care products, because it has a wider range of users, bears heavier nursing responsibilities, and has more room for development.

As a patented factory of sheet heating technology, we have cooperated with well-known domestic brands Zhenshiming, MINISO and foreign well-known brands such as POPMASK, LULAMASK, etc. for a long time. The raw materials are all medical-grade standards, and the products are guaranteed to be stable and consistent within the validity period! This is not guaranteed by other factories! If they can promise this, they are real liars!

Choosing us is to choose high-end and high-quality steam heated eye masks.

As the first Chinese factory for steam eye masks that was first and promoted globally, we continue to improve technology and research and development capabilities, and believe that quality is the key to success.
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