Encyclopedia of Steam Eye Mask

The steam eye mask adopts advanced self-heating temperature control technology, which allows the moisture in the air and iron powder to chemically react inside the eye mask to form a heating element and generate subtle and moist water vapor that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a generic name product developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named steam eye mask because it can spontaneously generate heat and steam.

Reaction principleThe reaction principle of the steam eye mask is the reaction principle of rapid oxidation after the carbonyl iron powder contacts with oxygen in the air. In order to make the temperature last longer and more constant temperature, the product uses a very precise breathable membrane. Because the product cannot react before use, the material of the bag must be very special. When in use, remove the outer bag and expose the product to the air for 30 seconds. The oxygen in the air enters the inside through the micro-permeable membrane. The time and temperature of the released heat are controlled by the oxygen permeability rate of the breathable membrane. If the oxygen permeation is too fast, there will be too much heat, which is very likely to burn the skin. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, the temperature is too low. After use, it is a dark brown solid, which contains carbon powder, solid (this is edible salt), solid, and salts containing magnesium and aluminum.
1. The external reaction principle of steam eye mask
The steam is released uniformly through the advanced medical non-woven fabric, and the warmth of the steam is used to promote the blood microcirculation of the eyes, relax the tense eye muscles, and relieve eye fatigue and discomfort.
2. The internal reaction principle of steam eye mask
Use the galvanic cell reaction to accelerate the oxidation reaction speed, convert chemical energy into heat energy, and then use the generated heat to stably evaporate the water in the internal materials, so as to use the heat and humidity of the steam to relieve eye fatigue and promote eyes Blood circulation, bright eyes and refreshing effects.
In order to make the temperature sustainable and the inner bag of the made heating sheet is exposed to the air, oxygen in the air enters through the breathable membrane, reacts with the iron powder, and releases heat. The time and temperature of the heat release are controlled by the oxygen permeability rate of the breathable membrane. If the oxygen permeation is too fast and the heat is released too much, it may burn the skin. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, there will be no temperature.
The process of generating steam is the release of heat from internal materials, which greatly accelerates the evaporation rate of internal water content. The evaporated water vapor quickly liquefies when cold, forming steam.
3. Reaction equation
negative electrode:2Fe-4e=2Fe²
positive electrode:O2+2H2O+4e=4OH-
Total response:2Fe+O2+2H2O=2Fe(OH)2
Among them, carbon powder and the like are reactive electron transport materials, and also play a certain role in the adjustment of the mixing and heat transfer of various materials. The substance of salt is similar to that of toner.
Development HistorySteam eye mask originated in Japan, and (KAO) first to produce this lightweight, environmentally friendly high-tech eye care products. From 2012, Chinese companies began to develop their own steam eye mask. And in the same year to obtain a patent, patent number ZL201210081214.7.
In 2013, a Chinese enterprise developed a pupil protection heating technology and through the EU 2011/65 / EU standards, which makes China's steam warming eye mask can be pushed to more markets, and more consumers can enjoy it with a reasonable price in any time.
Eye protection and beautiful eyes products-steam eye mask that using the new generation technology can warm eyes through the hot steam, to fully alleviate eye fatigue, eye care, protect eyesight, help sleep and other effects.
At present, most domestic and foreign brands have recognized the technology, through the Chinese professional factory, customized their own brand of steam eye mask, the market has gradually become hot up.
Use crowd1. Those who overuse their eyes, who have eye discomfort caused by overuse, such as dry eyes, eye fatigue, and other symptoms;
2. Patients with long-term insomnia;
3. Suitable for computer faver, TV fans and students.
BenefitsPromote blood circulation in the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, relax eye skin, help sleep, and protect eyesight;
Replenish moisture, reduce water loss, reduce eye wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags, and delay eye aging;
Use for other people with eye fatigue and eye problems;
Frequently Asked QuestionsAsk: The difference between steam eye mask and eye mask can be directly improved by thermal paste
Answer: In addition to steam eye masks, there is also an eye mask improved by thermal stickers. The appearance of eye masks is similar to steam eye masks, and some even have "steam", but they are still very different from steam eye masks. Note the difference. There are three main differences:
(1) Process formula: Usually, steam eye masks are used in strict accordance with a certain proportion. When designing the ratio of raw materials, determine the content of iron powder, carbon powder, water and other substances in the internal materials, and accurately determine their content. The formula of the eye mask directly improved by the thermal paste is mainly the formula of the thermal paste. If it is a "steam" eye mask, add a certain amount of water directly according to the original formula. This design itself is unreasonable.
(2) The purity of the raw materials: the purity of the internal materials of the steam eye mask is usually higher than the chemical purity, thus ensuring the generation of heat, heating time and thermal stability, and the purity of the internal materials used to make the eye mask is provided with an improved thermal insulation paste The eye masks usually fail to meet this requirement, which will cause a series of problems, such as insufficient heat generation, short heating time, poor heating stability, and uncontrollable steam volume and steam temperature.
(3) Safety: As mentioned above, the steam eye mask has strict requirements on steam volume, steam temperature and heating time. For eye masks with improved heat insulation stickers, these cannot be guaranteed. In this way, the steam temperature may always be too high or suddenly become high. Due to the sensitivity of the eyes, it is easy to cause burns. In addition, since the thermal insulation patch improves the thickness and area of ​​the eye mask, there is a risk of internal material leakage.
NoteThere are many kinds of steam hot compress eye mask products. A good steam eye mask should be a one-time heating element, which is evenly heated, and the heating time is about 25 to 30 minutes. If it exceeds this time range, the heating time is too long, which may cause eye burns and heat If the time is too short, the effect is not obvious.
Before use, remove makeup to prevent skin blockage. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before use. Do not use eye drops for 15 minutes before and after use. Do not press your eyes during use.