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Combination of Traditional Sleeping Eye Mask and Self-heating Steam Eye Mask

Visible self heating eye mask
Discover the ultimate relaxation with our self-heating steam eye masks
4月 11, 2023
silk steam eye mask

silk self heating steam eye mask

The development of a single traditional eye mask has moved into a change of style without more in-depth development and innovation.

With the birth of steam eye masks, the self-heating technology has given new life to traditional eye masks.

Under the careful design of designers, the unique use of heating pads, combined with traditional eye masks, such as simulation of silk eye masks and silk eye masks and other more obvious functional role.
The texture of silk is always with you, and the self-heating function is instantly available anywhere, anytime.

As the earliest manufacturer of steam eye masks and OEM for many international brands, the innovative combination of silk and simulated silk eye masks with self-heating eye masks. The combination of silk and simulated silk eye masks and self-heating eye masks makes the new generation of eye masks more competitive.

At this moment, we sincerely invite more brands to discuss with us and build your unique functional eye mask.

Silk eye mask combined with self-heating sheet, ice pack, top quality lavender scented bag, etc., make the comfort more perfect. Let the advantages continue to expand. This is the birth of a revolution, a new generation of steam self-heating silk eye masks.


As an ISO13485 certified steam heated eye mask factory in China, we are committed to conscientious production and continuous technical improvement. We currently have long-term cooperation with major European brands involving cosmetics, daily necessities, and eye care brands, and have passed TheraTears‘ in-depth ISO13485 factory inspection to meet the production standards for eye care products!

One-to-one precise matching and service, providing more diversified customized private LOGO steam heated eye mask services for brands and customers in different countries around the world!
Provide customers with one-stop supply chain delivery to door service!

Free samples are welcome at! Check out for more customization information.