1 11 月, 2021
hello kitty steam heated eye mask custom

More brands are launching their own brand steam heated eye masks, suggestions on how to choose supplier factories

In the competition in the traditional eye mask industry, many well-known brands are still launching their own sleep eye masks, such as silk and USB heating eye masks, and some brands have launched their own research and development sleep eye masks. However, the competition is still cruel. At present, new brands are basically unable to shake their status, only new creative products can replace them
23 5 月, 2022
Sleep Heat Eye Mask

Investigation on the development status of the steam heated eye mask market in 2022-2025 and analysis and forecast of the supply and demand pattern

With the gradual opening of the market, more and more factories have joined the steam eye mask industry. There are also more brands pursuing steam eye masks with 100% pure essential oils as the highlight of promotion and sales. However, based on years of production experience, professional factories that provide customized services for many brands around the world tell you that it is impossible to add 100% pure essential oils.
13 6 月, 2022

Why custom steam heated eye masks can’t be so random?

With the acceleration of the global market, steam eye mask have spread from China to the UK. As the first country to widely accept steam eye mask, the UK is the first country to widely accept steam eye mask. Thanks to the full promotion of SAPCEMASK's first brand, the latter competitors Can directly carve up its British market. As the first British brand, let's analyze its criteria for choosing a factory for custom-made steam eye masks.
9 8 月, 2022

Be careful: Steam Heated Eye Masks Chinese factories only use Chinese corporate implementation standards!

steam heated eye masks are daily necessities, and only steam heated eye masks produced by factories that implement ISO13485 standards can be considered medical products. The effects of steam heated eye masks advertised by businesses, such as relieving visual fatigue, promoting sleep and improving dark circles, are only auxiliary effects and do not have any therapeutic effect. The choice of steam heated eye masks produced by factories that implement ISO13485 is the only condition that meets the medical device standard, and very few factories in China that currently produce steam eye masks are ISO13485 certified. Using steam eye masks made in such ISO13485 factories is effective!